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Our Process


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The Lot Selection & Design Phase

Ideally, we get to start with you from the beginning. Whether we participate with you in the development of your home design or we act as a consultant to give you context to costs as your design professional creates the perfect plan, we prefer to be involved as early as possible so we can make sure you have a good awareness to the approximate budget, site factors & other processes required (financing, permitting, etc). This also allows us to have ample time to put your project into our schedule.

We prefer to have an initial consultation to get to know you as well as your goals and priorities for your future home. We also would like to go through your inspiration photos and hear your concerns about the entire process of building a custom home so we can advise accordingly. This vital time spent getting to know each other is a paramount part of the process to see if we are a fit for each other.

Once this initial consult goes well then we like to do a site assessment if property has already been acquired. We would focus on developing the parcel with consideration on topography, natural light, privacy and views and would like to hear your thoughts and/or your designer’s thoughts, if applicable. We would also want to locate utilities or talk through the requirements of developing the parcel.

More often than not we accompany clients to visit potential parcels for their future home, and as soon as we understand what you are looking for we will do what we can to help you locate the site for your future home.

Once we have the property, a site assessment completed and a good understanding for what you want in your home (and what you’d like it to look like) we will partner with you and your design professional to offer our expertise and insight. As part of this, we will keep you educated on the financial ramifications of each part of the design.

The Post-Design Planning

We believe in bidding out our homes based on a scope that is tailored for what you want in the home. We will have a ‘scope development’ meeting so we can make sure each amenity, design element and technology you desire is planned for. From there, we will develop a working budget and once we get through the initial bidding process we will host a follow up meeting to discuss overall cost for the scope. At this meeting we will discuss any additions, alterations or compromises after we meet to make sure the package we put together for you is the best balance of meeting both your design and financial aspirations and will put together the final budget/specs accordingly.[/ppb_text]